Facilitating Hyperlocal Economies

Based in Singapore, Coinerz Group Pte Ltd is a global solutions company that creates, develops and publishes gamified experiences that help communities take back control of their local commerce. The company owns the Triffic and GPS Pay mobile apps that run on top of the GPS Token blockchain network.

GPS Token - Hyperlocal NFT Economies

GPS Token
Hyperlocal NFT Economies

GPS Tokens are a fully blockchain-based ecosystem that allows people to cash out their Triffic Miles, and also register ownership of non-fungible territory from the Triffic game map.
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Monetize Your Movement

Triffic is a rewards app that uses a combination of augmented reality and GPS to incentivize users for travelling around their area and supporting local businesses and services.
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GPS Pay - ALWAYS Have Spare Change

ALWAYS Have Spare Change

An easy-to-use Venmo-style payments app that uses blockchain-based GPS Tokens and is designed to supplement the change in your pocket and provide an easy way to make small, hyperlocal purchases.
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Latest News

Whenever there is news about anything to do with Triffic, GPS Pay, GPS Tokens or any other app in the Coinerz Incentive Economy, we will post it here.

Coinerz Group Development Roadmap

The Triffic / GPS Pay Ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we are adding new features all the time. The following roadmap is a rough guide to when major new functionality will be released for both platforms. Please be aware that corresponding dates are rough guides only.

Q4, 2018

GPS Asset Created

One billion GPS Tokens are created as an asset on the IGNIS blockchain, where it becomes tradable on the built-in decentralized exchange.

Q3, 2019

IGNIS Snapshot

A snapshot is taken of the IGNIS blockchain, and it is agreed that holders will receive one GPS Token for every five IGNIS Tokens that they held on 14 July, 2019. In addition, it is confirmed that in order to claim the airdrop, users will be required to download the Triffic App and reach Level 5 for 'Moving About', 'Beacon Collection' and 'Power-Ups'.

Q1, 2020

GPS Token Lists On STEX

The GPS Token asset starts trading on the STEX cryptocurrency exchange at approximately $0.01.

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Q2, 2020

Triffic 1.0 Launch

After two years of development, multiple false starts, and a global crash in the cryptocurrency market, Triffic makes its debut on the App Store, and Google Play. This first version is very much a proof-of-concept.

Q3, 2020

GPS Token Blockchain Launched

On September 22, GPS Tokens officially launched its own blockchain. Using the feature-packed Ardor platform, it massively expands the potential capabilities of our mobile apps.

Q3, 2020

COVID-19 Fundraiser

The worldwide lockdown means that Triffic Users cannot test the app as much as they want to, so Triffic turns a negative into a positive and raises money for WHO Covid-19 Response. This is done by beaming augmented reality face-masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet rolls directly to our users and contributing $0.016 for each one that is collected. The $2,500 raised proves the effectiveness of Triffic as a viable donations and fundraising platform.

Q4, 2020

Work Begins On Triffic 2.0

After thorough analysis of what works (and more importantly, what doesn't work) with Triffic 1.0, development starts on Triffic 2.0. As well as completely rewriting the codebase, and receiving a major graphical facelift, Triffic 2.0 is to become an open-ended framework that will turn it from a basic app, into a platform with infinite possibilities.

Q1, 2021

Triffic 2.0 Internal Testing

The basic 2.0 framework is released to our hand-picked team of testers, and our team work closely with them on a daily basis to squash the bugs, improve the speed, and streamline the doohickeys. During this time, the decision is made to make Triffic totally ad-free, and instead utilize Triffic Miles.

Q2, 2021

Triffic 2.0 Soft Launch

Triffic 2.0 is released onto the App store and Google Play. The remainder of Q2 will be spent tightening up the app and resolving any remaining issues.

Q2, 2021

GPS Pay Beta Launch

The GPS Pay beta is launched to the public, ushering in a new era of hyperlocal payments that keep money flowing inside communities, and prevent it from being siphoned away by large corporations.

Q3, 2021

Triffic/GPS Pay Connect

At long last, Triffic users will be able to convert their Triffic Miles directly to GPS Tokens, at the rate of 1:1. Users will be able to download the free GPS Pay App, and securely connect it to their Triffic account. GPS Pay is a Venmo-type payments app that's powered by GPS Tokens, and designed to supplement the change in your pocket.

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Q3, 2021

Exchange 2 / CoinMarketCap

GPS Tokens will be listed on a second exchange, most likely in Korea. This will fulfil all the necessary requirements needed to list GPS in CoinMarketCap.

Q4, 2021

In-App Subscriptions

In-app subscriptions will be enabled, which will allow Triffic Users to completely do away with the need to pay for fuel with their Triffic Miles, and instead, earn them 24/7 - and at a much faster rate!

Q4, 2021

Non-A.R. Fallback

Users of older mobile devices that are not compatible with augmented reality can join in the beacon hunting fun with a fun and engaging fallback method.

Q4, 2021

Freehold NFT

Freehold NFT are areas of the Triffic Map that are wholly owned by a user. Owners receive 100% of all the Incentive Beacon listing fees and 10% of all Reward Beacon revenue that occurs within its boundaries.

Q4, 2021

Payment Gateway

GPS Pay users will be able to purchase GPS Tokens and various other cryptocurrencies via credit, or debit card. This service will feature KYC verification that is fully compliant across the world.

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Q1, 2022

Land Acquisition

Triffic users can use their Triffic miles to purchase land on the Triffic Map. This entitles the owner to 100% of all the Incentive Beacon listing fees, plus 5% of all the Reward Beacons that are found within its boundaries. And because Triffic Miles can be converted to GPS Tokens, at the rate of 1:1, it means that the revenues are very real indeed!

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Q1, 2022

NFT Market

When people purchase virtual land freeholds in the Triffic App, they are stored as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the GPS Token Blockchain, and the GPS Pay NFT Virtual Land Market means that people can buy and sell it without any complications.

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Q2, 2022

Incentive Beacons

Incentive Beacons help local businesses attract real customers, and they require no budget because they use Triffic Miles!

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Q2, 2022

Partner Beacons

Whereas Incentive Beacons are perfect for smaller establishments that rely on customers from their local catchment area, Partner Beacons are for businesses, brands and services that need more widespread coverage.

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Q2, 2022

Local Currencies

The ability to create currencies which are only valid within a certain geographical area. Designed to keep cash flowing locally, and prevent it from being siphoned away by the large corporations which dominate the high street, local currencies will be backed against GPS Tokens.

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